By March 17, Phase 2 (the final phase) of the Moodle upgrade will be completed. These are the significant changes discussed at the conferences in the fall of 2022. The Support desk will send emails requesting a preferred day and time to bring your site down for up to 2 hours. There will also be an opportunity to have a custom button on the new landing page (see the image at the bottom). Key features of the upgrade include:

  • Non-scrolling landing page (before logging in)
  • Improved areas to customize site outside of a course (Home, Dashboard, My courses)
  • Course index (shows your place in the course)
  • More responsive interface (for those on mobile devices)
  • Less "noise"
  • Less clicking
  • Catalog page of flyers and commercials for NTF courses (Still in development, expected to be completed post-upgrade)

New videos will be posted on the YouTube site starting Tuesday, March 7, 2023. Check out brief overviews here:

Please feel free to direct feedback and questions to the support team by submitting a ticket.

Custom button

The new landing page has been scaled back based on feedback collected over the past year and a half. The objective is to get learners into the system to learn, not be bogged down by an overly complicated landing page. This provides an opportunity for a custom button in the position identified below. It can be to, your local's training site, online apprentice application, etc. The choices are endless. In the essence of time, we will link the button to your local's website or training site (if located). We're happy to adjust the button after the upgrade.