From the Site Administration area:

  1. Click Courses.
  2. Click Manage courses and categories.
  3. Click Create a new course in the right column.
  4. Type the full course name and short name. Remember that the short name will be used in course communication sent to the student/member so it should be identifiable.
  5. Adjust settings, such as disable the end date if the course does not have a set end.
  6. (Optional) Add a course summary (description) and course image. A course summary will be added to the course card/thumbnail so keep it brief. The course image is the background on the course card/thumbnail. A good image size is a width of 500px and a height of 700px.
  7. Choose your course format and layout. The most used format is Topics and the most used layout is Show one section per page.
  8. Review and modify the remaining settings to fit your needs.
  9. Save and check out your new course!