If you have a Zoom subscription (not the free one), you can have Zoom meetings right in Moodle. 

The Zoom set-up has recently changed! See the new instructions below. 

A Zoom administrator must complete the initial set up and send the following information to us: Account ID, Client ID, and Client Secret.

  1. While the Zoom admin is logged in, go to https://marketplace.zoom.us/
  2. Click the Develop drop-down and select Build App.
  3. In the Server-to-Server OAuth box, click Create.
  4. Name it. For example, Zoom to Moodle.
  5. Note the Account ID, Client ID and Client Secret. Send these values to us at the end, but keep going.
  6. Complete the Information area fields.
  7. Move to the Scope area and click Add Scopes
  8. In Meeting, select the following two fields:
  9. In User, select the following two fields:
  10. Move to the Activation area and click Activate your app.
  11. Send the Account ID, Client ID and Client Secret to us. 

Watch the Build App process: