Users registered into your instance may say they did not receive the email with their temporary password. If this is the case, verify their email address with them. If that is correct, contact us within 45 days, and we can retrieve the email from our messaging application. If it is beyond 45 days or you would like to send a friendly reminder, follow the steps below. 

Please note that messaging must be turned on in your instance.

From Bulk user actions in Site administration:

  1. Apply a "Never accessed" filter, which will show a list of anyone who has not logged in.
  2. Press the "Add all" button to place all names in the right column.
  3. Choose "Send a message" from the drop-down and press "Go".
  4. Enter the message in the Message body box (format as needed) with a link to the reset password page. If they come to that page and enter their email address into the form, then they will be sent an email with a reset link where they can set their password. Below is a sample message.


A new account was for you at 'ENTER NAME OF INSTANCE' but our records show that you have never logged in. If you have not received or cannot locate the "New user account" email with your temporary password, then please follow the instructions below.

1. Go to 
2. Enter the email address that was registered into the Username box and click Search 
3. Follow the instructions in the "Password reset request" email to set a new password 

Cheers from the 'ENTER NAME OF INSTANCE' administrator, 
Admin User