1. Go to your local's Moodle site.
    For instance, if you are with Local 15, the website is: https://local15.iuoentf.training/. If you're with Local 877, the website is: https://local877.iuoentf.training/. There are also specially-named sites. See your instructor or training director if unsure of the website address.
  2. Click Login.
  3. Type your username/email address into the first field.
  4. Type your password into the second field.
  5. Click Log in.

Please note that you only have an account on your local's Moodle site and/or the IUOE NTF Moodle site for International Stationary Exams.

If copying and pasting your password, do not include any empty spaces. Empty spaces are technically characters and will result in a failed log-in attempt.

For issues with logging in, click "Forgot Password?" on the Login page and follow the instructions on-screen. Check your spam folder if you do not see the password reset email.

Or, submit a support ticket; we're happy to help.